Founder Jeff Bates began his career as a bench scientist at Genome Therapeutics. As a molecular biologist, his first projects were to generate sequences of DNA for genomic assembly, utilizing a technology known as multiplex sequencing. This process lead to a vast amount of data generation and as a result Jeff became more involved in the software aspects of biotechnology. He became one of the first "Finishers" in 1995. The process of finishing the technology immediately began evolving, as well as the core technology utilized by Genome Therapeutics, which switched from multiplex sequencing to sequencing using ABI 373 and 377 equipment, that used flurescence technology rather than radio-labelled nucleotides. This evolving process dictated constant change in the way information was handled and Jeff began writing software to facilitate and enhance this process.

Robotics and Automation

Wanting to be more recognized as a true software developer, Jeff branched out from Life Sciences and began programming robots at PRI Automation which was later purchased by Brooks Automation. At PRI, Jeff programmed the motion of robots and managed the custom configurations for their customers. However, after a few years he decided it was more rewarding programming with scientists and Jeff joined Cereon Genomics. At Cereon Genomics, he automated the use of the ABI3700 machines and also wrote programs that analyzed the quality of the generated sequences.

LIMS (Laboratory Information Management)

After Cereon Genomics, Jeff began working at Microbia, a startup biotech company. Jeff developed their entire LIMS system; named S.C.O.P.E. (Sample, Containers,Operation,Process & Evaluation) based on describing objects found in the lab. This system stores biological and chemical information, provides SAR, eNotebook, inventory, purchasing, (integrated w/ SAP) and reports EH&S data.

Management and Consulting

Microbia would eventually split to form another company, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals. During this transition, Jeff became the director of IT for Microbia. After managing the IT group for a few years, the company DSM purchased Microbia. During this transition, Jeff decided to become an independent consultant and now continues to support both companies (Ironwood and Microbia-DSM) as well as new companies such as the startup Verastem, Inc. located in Cambridge, MA.


I have worked with Jeff for over three years as both a fellow employee and external supplier of a variety of IT services including applications development . He has demonstrated a high level of expertise in all areas of the IT function. Jeff brings a special perspective to the IT needs of a technical company in that he understands firsthand the needs and work flows of the scientific work force. Jeff played an integral role in establishing the IT function when our group first spun out as an independent start-up and continues to be a valued and reliable partner in managing the evolving needs of our business.
Ed Cullinane
Controller/IT Manager
Microbia DSM